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A premier location in Berlin for logistics offering efficient space, flexibility for tenants, ancillary services and professional park management.

The park is being expanded and upgraded with new roads, modernized infrastructure and the addition of green areas.

  • Existing Office and Warehouse space of 35,000 m²
  • Planned new development of 90,000 m²
  • Availability in existing buildings:
    • 500 m² - 5.000 m² warehousing
    • 25 m² - 1.000 m² office
  • New Buildings:
    • area for rent from 1.000 m² up to 40.000 m²
  • flexible lease terms
  • 24hour operations
  • expansion potential
  • low operating expenses
  • will provide buildings for lease or sale
  • professional park management
  • favorable tax location (Brandenburg)


  • 24-hour Guard Service
  • Janitor Service
  • Postal Service
  • Canteen / Cafeteria Service on Compound
  • Sufficient number of staff an visitor parking spaces available
  • Possibility to utilization of existing telephone system